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16 December 2016
Duration: 53:09
Playback bandwidth: 535 kb/s

"Tempi di Bilanci" Ultima lezione di Ecologia generale prof. S. Fonda


Owner: 8998
15 December 2016
Duration: 37:12
Playback bandwidth: 312 kb/s

Solving the Data Collection Bottleneck in Microbial Oceanography Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE) Host: prof. S. Fonda


Owner: 8998
07 November 2016
Duration: 01:13:08
Playback bandwidth: 229 kb/s

Meiofauna: a biodiversity hotspot and a huge chance for the zoological research UNIVERSITÀ DI MODENA E REGGIO EMILIA Host: dott. Piero Giulianini


Owner: 8998
21 October 2016
Duration: 51:50
Playback bandwidth: 350 kb/s

"Fostering marine conservation and restoration where people live" Università di Bologna Host: prof. Serena Fonda


Owner: 8998
21 September 2016
Duration: 01:05:08
Playback bandwidth: 330 kb/s

Jellyfish outbreaks in European seas: mechanisms, patterns, impacts, monitoring tools, and countermeasures Universita' del Salento Host: prof. Serena Fonda


Owner: 8998
09 September 2016
Duration: 40:14
Playback bandwidth: 225 kb/s

A DNA "hourglass" for marine biodiversity assessment: from ocean to plate, then back to the sea. University of Salford, UK. Host: prof. Serena Fonda


Owner: 8998
02 May 2016
Duration: 51:36
Playback bandwidth: 224 kb/s

"Toward marine invertebrate genomics: insights into lophotrochozoan evolution from brachiopod, phoronid and nemertean genomes " - Marine Genomics Unit Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (Japan) - Host: dr. M. Gerdol


Owner: 8998
21 April 2016
Duration: 52:19
Playback bandwidth: 325 kb/s

"Marine bacteria in the antropocene: first insight in the new marine carbon biogeochemical cycles." - CNR (Italian National Research Council) - OGS (National Institute of Oceanography And Experimental Geophysics) Trieste, Italy - Host: prof. S. Fonda


Owner: 8998
14 April 2016
Duration: 53:56
Playback bandwidth: 317 kb/s

"Il contributo della biodiversità all'analisi della vegetazione." - prof. Carlo Ricotta Università "La Sapienza" Roma , Italy - Host: prof. Giovanni Bacaro


Owner: 8998
05 February 2016
Duration: 01:02:29
Playback bandwidth: 346 kb/s

"Is climate change the main driver of current community and landscape changes in the Mediterranean Sea?" prof. Eric Ballesteros Centre d'Estudis Avançats de Blanes-CSIC Girona, Spain. Host: prof. A. Falace


Owner: 8998
27 May 2015
Duration: 01:18:06
Playback bandwidth: 316 kb/s

Prof. Claudio Tuniz, Centro Internazionale di Fisica Teorica "Abdus Salam" (Trieste) "Clocks and microscopes for human evolution studies" Host: M. Avian


Owner: 8998
21 May 2015
Duration: 57:40
Playback bandwidth: 336 kb/s

Dr. Ilse Kranner Institute of Botany and Center for Molecular Biosciences Innsbruck, dell'Università di Innsbruck (Austria) "Seeds: Stress, stress concepts and diagnosis of viability in the dry state" Host: prof. Tretiach